FREE Q&A WEBINAR - Is Rhythm Works Integrative Dance right for you?

What is Rhythm Works Integrative Dance and is it right for me?

Choose from 2 options:


  • US/CANADA – Friday, May 10th – 5pm Pacific | 6pm Mountain | 7pm Central | 8pm Eastern
    AUSTRALIA – Saturday, May 11th – 10am AEDT


  • US/CANADA – Wednesday, May 15th – 9:30am Pacific | 10:30am Mountain | 11:30am Central | 12:30pm Eastern
    AUSTRALIA – Thursday, May 16th – 2:30am AEDT

FREE Info Q&A Webinar –

Is Rhythm Works Integrative Dance right for you?


Join us for a casual, but informative, discussion about Rhythm Works Integrative Dance, who we are, and how you’ll benefit from the training! You’ll have the option to ask questions directly to the creator of RWID!

…Do you struggle with behavioral challenges when working with your students or clients?

…Have you seen an increased interest in dance from students with special needs and are unsure how to accommodate their needs in class?

…Would you like to be better equipped to handle physical challenges?

…Are you interested in learning about how rhythm and dance can help to rewire the brain?

If so, becoming a certified Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Instructor will provide the tools necessary to effectively work with students who have learning differences and special needs! This is a unique opportunity to turn your passion of dance into PURPOSE! 

“When you know better, you do better” – Maya Angelou

Duration: 45-60 minutes
Featured Guest: Tricia Gomez, Global Director of Rhythm Works Integrative Dance