An enormous thank you from the bottom of our heart for an incredibly inspirational and educational experience. It is so rewarding to see my teachers exploding with excitement and itching to implement your tools in all of their classes as well as begin a new program. What more can I ask for? Such a worthwhile investment! You and Shannon are both amazing humans. Best wishes for continued success.

Jessica Spencer

Artistic Director, The Thomas Studio of Performing Arts, Inc, Bridgeville, PA

We have noticed some wonderful changes with our students since the start of your program with them. We have seen an improvement with their memory skills and that has carried over into their academic work as well. We have noticed that they are now better able to work as a team, knowing how and when to lead, taking turns, paying attention to each other, and interacting more appropriately. In addition, they are building great language skills through your program as well as learning different ways to express themselves both verbally and non-verbally, which is key to their social/emotional health and wellness. Last, but definitely not least, it has given our group of kids a chance to experience success and confidence. They are not only showing increased self-esteem but are also more willing to take risks and try new things. It's given us a chance to have a joyful time together which recharges everyone, adults included, for the hard work that we all need to accomplish each day. Thanks for all you are doing to help our kids!

Kara Mounce

School teacher, School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing regarding dance class with RWID Certified Instructor Traci Soule of Education for the Arts

Thought I would just give you a great big hug & thanks. The kids love ``Rhythm Works`` & the teachers love it. I joined two classes today (a total of 12 children), - it was the first class - & when it was done, all the adults were all smiles - the kids got it & they were smiling & happy. It doesn't get any better. Again - thanks.

Teddie LaPierre

Occupational Therapist, NY

Truly something I wish I could have had 15 years ago. A solid plus for dance educators.

Pamela Freeman

Deenie's Dance Workshop, Porterville, CA

The Rhythm Works Integrative Dance workshop was by far the most educational, inspiring and fun dance workshops I've been to. This was an intense learning process which gave many tools to educate children of all ability levels - I was constantly learning something and gaining new knowledge and skills. I had tons of questions answered, received an excellent manual with links to other resources so that I can continue to build my knowledge in helping children with different learning styles and abilities . A thousand times worth the travel. Excellent.

Kristi Miller

Dance Now! Dance Studios, Owner

My son looks forward to Rhythm Works all week. He likes to practice, and he even used the dance moves as a way to pass time while standing in line at Legoland. I am surprised at how well he has been able to do the moves to the beat. I can't tell you how exited we were to see him get on the floor and crawl around with another student to try to interact with him. To recognize that crawling was something that the other student likes to do and then to try to match it to interact with him was a pretty complex interaction for him. My therapist and I were talking about it all the way home.

Melanie Lucas


I just ended my 4 day Hip-Hop Camp for ages 5-9. Everything we learned was from your program! We had a parent Showcase at 11:30 this morning and the parents LOVED IT! One kiddo is nonverbal autistic and knew every move! Her mom was AMAZED 🙂

Jennifer Andrews-Smith

Dance Instructor, Kidz In Step Dance & Gymnastics

Tricia! Ive always struggled with teaching my younger hip hop classes and finding the right balance for them or the right material. After taking 2 classes with you at the DanceLife Retreat Center and the Rhythm Works Integrative Dance course I feel like a whole new teacher. My baby hip hop classes have never left so happy and we all leave feeling successful. I just wanted to send a HUGE thank you to you. For being you. For working so hard in this lifetime and for not giving up - you are an inspiration!

Danielle Diener

Dance Instructor

I absolutely LOVED the training! The videos made me feel like I was sitting there in the room during the in-person training. Incredible and fantastic!

Shavaun O'Dwyer

Dance Instructor, Dance Moves II & III

Your Rhythm Works classes and supplies are sooooo perfect! Placing the cards in the pockets so they visually see them, having a name for each movement - amazing! They don't have to recall on their short term memory - All I say is ``let's build our blocks`` and everyone starts. When putting out our ``blue line`` and circles and squares, I worried that some of the really high functioning kids would be getting bored of it - until I heard ``yessssss! I love this,`` then I quickly realized how much they love and need to be really ``good`` at something and they don't have to work so hard at it, and how they love helping their friends in the class and of course help me set up and clean up. So thankful I met you!!

Stephanie Clay

Dance Studio Owner, Stephanie's Academy of Dance, Montgomery, IL

Can I just say how AMAZING these videos are? So rich in knowledge and clearly backed by so much research and experience!

Isabella Porcari

Independent Dance Instructor

I had my first meeting with a 3 yr old beautiful little girl. Somehow it turned into a class! I just started playing with her (and making her laugh) to see how she moves and how I can help her. In just 30 min she was able to stand for 30 seconds with her braces on while playing with the parachute. I also handed her 2 hacky sacks, one at a time, so she would have to reach past the midline with her weaker side and she did! Her mother was so happy and started crying when she saw how happy her little girl was. Thank you Tricia Gomez! Without you I wouldn't have had that experience, the little girl wouldn't have found joy in movement and the mother wouldn't have cried happy tears. This is all thanks to you for all of your efforts you put into this program, training people all over the world and giving us the confidence we need to help children with special needs.

Tina Singer

Dance Instructor, Amyclae Dance Academy, Stafford, VA

The RWID program has been a fabulous resource. I use the coloured shapes in most of my sessions. I have a 13 year old girl with ASD who is overweight...but she loves the Hip Hop In a Box music so much we can go a whole session of dance! I look forward to continuing to grow and learn!

Natalie Perre

Occupational Therapist, Sydney, NSW Australia

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you - your course work with Rhythm Works Integrative Dance is one of the most educational, awe-inspiring dance courses I’ve ever experienced.

Marilou Cassidy

Dance Studio Owner, Cassidy Dance Studio, Glenside, PA