Online RWID Certification + Platinum Teaching Tools Kit Bundle

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Save $635.84 when you purchase the following items together:

  • Online Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Instructor Certification Course
  • Hip Hop In a Box
  • 1-2-3 Dance
  • Large Visual Aids Kit
  • Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Teaching Guide App (iOS devices only) – including the Coloring Book

RWID Online Instructor Certification Course

WHAT TO EXPECT: 16.5 hours of self-paced video learning, quizzes, an exam + a Practical Application Submission.
TIME LIMIT: This course defaults to give the user 30 days to complete the course from date of purchase. Extensions are made upon request when needed.
TECH SPECS: This course is optimized for Firefox and Google Chrome. You will also need access to a webcam to take pictures of yourself throughout the course (to ensure single user). This course is also accessible on iPhones and iPads.
CERTIFICATION: Upon completion of this online course and accepted submission of the Practical Application, you will be certified with Rhythm Works Integrative Dance.

ABOUT RWID: Rhythm Works Integrative Dance is a rhythm and dance program that incorporates evidence-based practices from sensory integration, applications to physical skills, and behavioral strategies.

Our Certified RWID Instructors and Practitioners use the program as part of individual therapy sessions, as well as in group settings such as dance studios, school classrooms, recreational centers, assisted living facilities, and more, to increase participation opportunities for everyone!

***For additional information on Rhythm Works Integrative Dance, please see the product description below.***


Hip Hop in a Box

Hip Hop In a Box is used by over 2500 dance & academic schools around the world for choreography inspiration, class activities and teaching aids!  Add any style to the steps to create unlimited variations of dance routines! Hip Hop In a Box is perfect for ages 3 through adult!

Inside the kit you’ll get:

~100 mix-n-match cards each showing a different hip hop step
~a DVD teaching all 100 steps (PLUS 2 sample routines)
~a CD with 5 original hip hop songs

Also check out 1-2-3 Dance for 50 additional dance steps!!!
Hip Hop In a Box was created by Tricia Gomez, former LA Laker Girl and star of CBS’s “Dance Revolution.” Currently, Tricia is a consultant for Disney Performing Arts at Disneyland.

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1-2-3 Dance

Create your own hip hop routines in 3 easy steps!

1) Choose your favorite Dance Step Cards.
2) Lay them out in a straight line.
3) Choose your dance level
…then add your favorite style when you DANCE to your favorite song!  It’s that easy!

1-2-3 Dance includes 50 Mix-n-Match Dance Step cards, each with move-by-move pictures, verbal descriptions, 3 different dance levels, and step modifications.
a SECRET CODE to access our secret website filled with instructional videos, downloadable music, sample routines, and rhythm lessons!

1-2-3 Dance is perfect for teachers who currently teach or wish to teach hip hop to ages 3-adult.  Get inspiration from the Dance Step cards or use the cards as choreography activities with your students! And any style to the steps to create unlimited variations of dance routines!

1-2-3 Dance is also great for students preparing for talent shows!  Our age appropriate steps will get the crowd up and dancing with you!

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Large Visual Aids Kit

This 63-piece visual aids kit provides the tools you need to make learning easy! We all learn differently and using visual cues provides an enhanced learning experience for your students. Use the floor pads, place holders, and strips during rhythm lessons, across the floor, center floor work, and games! The possibilities are limitless!

The Large Visual Aids Kit includes:
12 large open square frame place holders (dancers stand in the middle – use cues such as feet open outside of the square, feet together inside the square, slide in front of the square, jump behind the square, stomp on the corner of the square, etc)
12 circle floor pads (5″ diameter)
12 heart floor pads (5″ x 5″)
12 triangle floor pads (5″ x 5″)
12 square floor pads (5″ x 5″)
2 strips (8′ long x 2″ wide) to use as start and finish lines during across the floor and games
1 hanging card holder – holds up to 24 Hip Hop In a Box and 1-2-3 Dance flashcards. Hang it on your mirror or wall for your students to easily see the order of your dances!

$119.00 $101.15

Teaching Guide App

Everything you need at your fingertips!

The Teaching Guide App is the perfect companion for both the Hip Hop Made Easy and Rhythm Works Integrative Dance programs. This comprehensive app is designed for iOS devices and online access only (see differences below) and is available for dance educators, therapists, teachers, medical professionals and more!

***THIS IS NOT A SUBSTITUTION FOR THE RHYTHM WORKS INTEGRATIVE DANCE CERTIFICATION and does not include integral and foundational knowledge to teach students with learning differences and special needs!***

What's included:

  • Navigating the App...step-by-step instructions on how to use the app
  • Lesson Plan Framework...provides a structured and progressive format to follow for different ages and ability levels
  • Framework Activities...While the class framework remains the same from class to class, the activities within each "pod" of the framework can be customized to suit the needs of your students/clients. In this section, you'll find a multitude of activities for teaching music theory, rhythm lessons, warm ups, and choreography structure.
  • Dance Games...We take fun & games seriously! Here you'll find a wide variety of dance games for individuals, groups, basic and intermediate levels. Each game denotes the skill sets involved, objective, items needed, set up, boundaries, directions and modification.
  • Terminology...common words used throughout the app are explained.
  • we explain what our dance step skill set categories mean.
  • Dance Step Videos...each of our 150 program dance steps are broken down and performed for basic and intermediate pacing.
  • Teaching Tools...find helpful tips, further learning suggestions, downloadable coloring pages and more!
  • Sign videos to learn sign language for common words used in class.
  • Music ever growing list of our favorite "family friendly" hip hop and follow along songs.
  • Analyze Students (This feature is only available on the iOS Device app. It is not available for the online version.)...record and compare, side-by-side, videos of your students vs. our syllabus videos for proper technique, or past and current videos of your students to see improvement. Mark up the videos with our handy note tools to compare angles or point out areas of improvement. Easily organize videos for each student into their own folder housed on the app for quick retrieval.


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Save $635.84 when you purchase the following items together:

  • Online Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Instructor Certification Course
  • Hip Hop In a Box
  • 1-2-3 Dance
  • Large Visual Aids Kit
  • Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Teaching Guide App (iOS devices only) – including the Coloring Book